CVS Benefits

CVS Fibers has established a strong network of reliable suppliers in North America. This network enables the company to buy directly from recycling plants, paper processing plants, printing plants, paper mills, and other major suppliers of paper products. By dealing directly with suppliers that sell in bulk, CVS fibers eliminate the costs of the distributors, and thus obtained different grades of paper products at very competitive prices. CVS fibers can sell these products to its growing list of all overseas customers.

Customer Benefits

CVS fibers bridges between paper suppliers in North America and overseas factories that use these products. In dealing with CVS customers may acquire overseas pulp and paper of different qualities at affordable prices. By purchasing products from reputable North American companies at a volume higher than CVS fibers guarantees its customers overseas get what they want, when they want it -- be it stock lots or North American's most exported commodity: waste paper

CVS Fibers also respond to local demand, providing more plants in eastern Canada and the United States.

Supplier Benefits

CVS fibers using the North American suppliers to sell their products directly to paper mills abroad. CVS Fibers has built a solid reputation with suppliers it deals with, and factories that buy their paper products. Its list of dependable worldwide-based clients is growing rapidly. Because of the strong infrastructure it put in place. CVS Fibers ensures that products from North American suppliers are delivered safely and effectively directly to end-users.


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